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Discussion in 'General' started by Rogorugu, 2015-01-13.


What should happen?

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  1. Stay with the original tempban. Lift 2015-01-18

    24 vote(s)
  2. Increase the tempban with a week. Lift 2015-01-25

    15 vote(s)
  3. Permban

    38 vote(s)
  4. Lift the ban now

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  1. Good job letting a but hurt wannabe pros community of consistant 30 players decide over a ban. If u really think we were just sitting in bushes waiting for rawryy to run exactly into us cuz we can predict the future or some shit than i'll consider you as completely retarded. I can explain it to u once more even tho jack already did it a 100 times. We logged in at that bridge Robbo was in first and was looking around, and ofcourse thats not in ur spectator stream, he spotted 3 players running down from vybor mount towards pustoshka and we knew we couldnt just run somewhere without getting spotted so we decided to stay under the bridge. We even saw 2 players running past to the little lake next to the bridge, but all that was before the spectator stream switched into our view, so we went right into bushes to not get seen. We were waiting for them to go past until one player, unfortunately Rawryytv, ran right past the bridge looking down so i shot him. knowing that there was 2 more players near the lake we ran of to the only direction we had cover and flanked all the way towards lopatino. If anyone says we didnt even loot the body hes a complete fucktard. The only thing that makes all of you think it was a streamsnipe is because the logs of twitch are bad as fuck going by the logs jack was logging out of the stream while we were nonstop running ingame. Banning because of some random conclusions would be fucked. And to top that all Jack is "friends" with rawryy meaning having him on steam donated him to support him in kind of keeping dayzero alive and even sometimes writing were we are so we dont run into each other or telling where we died where the action is whatsoever.
  2. Rogorugu

    Rogorugu Administrator Leaderboard Administrator Forum Moderator

    It's not in the spectator stream, but it's in the admin logs. You login to the server after JackTurvss joins Rawrys stream and sees where he is. JackTurvss might be telling us the truth about that he just joined the stream briefly and that the twitch-logs arent 100% accurate. It does not change the fact that he actually joined the stream & then started playing shortly after even though the rules are clear about joining a stream so soon after watching one.

    Anyway ... the streamsniping thing is already dealt with & your punishments for it were handed out.

    This thread is about if we should permban JackTurvss for ban evading or not. Calling me and the rest of the community retards and "wanna be pros" will surely help your friend out.
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  3. I found it weird that Jack would streamsnipe rawryy since it seemed like they were friends.

    EDIT: Why the fuck would you ban evade a tempban, which im guessing is what you got.
  4. Exactly, I didn't "stream snipe" him. I'm not bragging here or anything like that but I've donated to Rory a lot and I am a constant viewer so I would never have stream sniped my "friend". Me and Rory have spoken on teamspeak and steam over the past few days (Mainly steam) and we're on good terms. Just be a shame if it turned into a perma ban due to me evading, only reason I evaded was because I was angry that I had been banned in error.
  5. Farrelley

    Farrelley #SpastenSquad (Elite Rank) Leaderboard

    I know I may not have a popular perspective on here it seems, but 'permanent'... that's forever right?

    Not that I know JB really but he hasn't done anything I consider even remotely serious enough to be excluded permanently.

    He's been stupid, yes I agree 100%, and would need some sort of punishment for the evade.. but forever lol..

    Haven't we all been stupid at some point?
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  6. I'm totally admitting to the evading, which I've discussed already. I agree with you! :)
  7. I would say okay maybe let him off with a 1 month ban for the stream sniping yes, only because the servers aren't 60/60 BUT the fact he ban evaded aswell just shows he doesn't have a care in the world for the server rules, and if the perma ban isn't given I give it 2-3 weeks when nobody cares about what he did anymore and he'll be doing it again but more carefully next time and if you want the servers back alive having people like him in the community is a bad option imo.
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  8. .
  9. The good old fashioned way would be to just burn them on the stake and be done with it.
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  10. Joe Jones

    Joe Jones Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    The fact that this is such a big deal beats me, when I play DayZero I don't see other players as 'players' i'm always thinking "oh that might be Rory's squad" e.t.c. It goes to show that we shouldn't be trying to remove people from the game as much as we should be maintaining this diminishing community (sorry if offense is taken). Jack made a mistake ban evading but it shows how much he wants to play the game if anything can be taken positive from it, but I agree, it deserves a ban whether I play and am friends with jack or not. All I can say is put yourselves in jacks position and show a little empathy for someone who maybe about to lose their spot in probably the last decent DayZ mod.
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  11. I wasn't fully DENYING it but I do agree I came off a bit like "Yeah well you're wrong" waking up to see you're perma banned isn't the best of things.
  12. Rogorugu

    Rogorugu Administrator Leaderboard Administrator Forum Moderator


    But lying hurts your credibility.
  13. I know I know, I wasn't in the best of moods due to the perma ban..
    Reason I said "Seriously wtf" was because you called me something I wasn't a "Stream sniper" I didn't like being called something I wasn't, no one does.
  14. Rogorugu

    Rogorugu Administrator Leaderboard Administrator Forum Moderator

    You know exactly why I said that. YOU said that people labeled you as a streamsniper and that you didnt like it. So I responded with "And now you're known as a ban evading streamsniper" after that I noticed that you had created a new account and played all night.

    It's as if you cant stop lying/twisting words. You are your own worst enemy.
  15. I'm not here to argue with you, I want to be engaged on the topic.
    And tbh, page 3 of this isn't exactly on topic or what people are actually thinking, page 1 + 2 are bang on point..
  16. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

    The whole situation shows his age/immaturity imo and does not show malicious intent like some previous members who have been permanently banned. A punishment is needed for evading a ban, but I'd say this situation is different and is more like rallying people just to get someone banned for the fun of it, when in reality, you're banning someone from a game they like forever.

    I would find it hard to believe he did streamsnipe me if he donates to me/supports my stream a lot, but if this is strictly about ban evading, would put it down to immaturity, he couldn't wait a week - I guess because he thinks hes not in the wrong.

    Looking at people who evade bans right now, its past hackers/people who have streamsniped for months/thrown abuse at admins etc etc. It is fine to go by the rules, but it doesn't hurt to look at a ban report and judge it individually, and if the rules were kept, a lot more people would be banned by now for other things.

    Conclusion: Keep a 1/2 week ban, no more warnings, perm him for anything else and move on.

    Just my personal opinion...
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  17. The ammount of votes compared to ammount of players could easily sum up from alot of the old players still hanging around the forums even though they havent been playing in ages.
    About the matter at hand itself; Rules are rules, we've all agreed on them and they are the same to everybody. Dont want to get punished? Dont break the rules.
    And if an exception is to be made, then the rules must be changed or this will just be the first of many "the rules have been bent before" cases.
    Just saying.
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  18. Rogorugu

    Rogorugu Administrator Leaderboard Administrator Forum Moderator

    That's exactly what this is. This will dictate how we deal with ban evading people in the future.
  19. imo, the voting is a bit weird... either its permaban or tempban, 2 choices. and not 3 different kinds of tempban alternatives, seems a bit much choice tbh.
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  20. Rogorugu

    Rogorugu Administrator Leaderboard Administrator Forum Moderator

    That's true. If there's more people voting for options other than permban we cant hand him a permban.
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