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Discussion in 'General' started by Liam Robinson, 2015-01-12.

  1. It's too hard to fight people with gear.
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  2. I miss the drama within this community. Fuck it, comeback purely for the sake of fucking shit up teamstyle
  3. You should watch some Jeremy Kyle show instead, just youtube it.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  6. The old teamsix was the best imo, if you don't count the 10 minute squad which we had with Natural @ zub.
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  7. The best tactical teamplay I've seen from a spectators pov was from TEAM.
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  8. That TEAM which was like half of an army? :rolleyes:
  9. As opposed to TeamSix?
  10. no no, my small brains are confused now. ._. Did you mean t6 when you said TEAM?
  11. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

    how dare u riku! rogovo bond was the best and always will be
  12. Well, of course. I tought it was obvious that RB was the best. I'm talking about the second best here.
  13. TEAM best squad, best positional awareness, good communications, friendly talk 10/10 your mums got a pond

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  14. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

  15. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    Lazy/Fletch/Brooksie/olumox/Rasmus/Jonas/Cheeze best group of guys I have played with, if you are referring to that TEAM or se3 team
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  16. I agree, whenever I've fought against them, we've always been outplayed and got really confused due to there positioning..
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  17. Team and Teamsix, best squads
    Been in both
    Best time of my Dayz Life
    <3 i love u all <3
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  18. Id say the best squad for giggles was in my opinion ''srs-squad'' consisting of the one and only bathtubdiver, myself, thedude & anumath...along with frased (for some time)
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  19. I would say TSAD when 'Trigga' (the inspiration for 'trigga corner') and 'Looping' featured. Excellent players with a wonderful playstyle. Could outplay any sized squads, someone should think about bringing them back to irradicate horders.
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  20. Where's thedude these days..

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