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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Lima, 2014-12-03.

  1. Lima

    Lima Skjut Jonas, Skjut! Leaderboard


    Sweed looking for a squad that would have me. Played on these servers a lot but not for a while so not as good as I used to be. But want to start playing again.

    I'm 20y, male.

    Speaks English and Swedish.

    ( I am also up for teaming with people that are tired of lonewolfing )

    Peace ;-)
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  2. Hey, I'd like to teamup with you! I'm 16 yrs old and played dayzero for 1,5 year.
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  3. badkarma

    badkarma Scavenger Leaderboard

    hey i wuld like to teamup as well i hawe 15 yrs skype:alex.lazarevic2 i speak english perfectly.

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