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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Rogorugu, 2014-12-03.

  1. Since Yarwood crashed the last music-thread into powerlines I thought I'd create a new one. The last one was actually really good I think & picked up some good songs from other members here.

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  2. Silesky

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    Good idea, always good to start fresh!

  3. papsh

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  4. papsh

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  5. This explains...... so much.....
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  6. papsh

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    Yeah exactly. This explains also that you have zero humor boy
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  8. I have loads but i'll get banned for flooding so lets start with these...

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  9. I was here right at the barrier, one of the best gigs ive been too!
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  10. wtf papsh
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  12. Jag känner en admin, sitt heter Rogorugu, Rogorugu är hans namn
    Och han kan banna, banna dig så hårt.
    Om du bekämpa logg, han ska knulla dig.
    Bästa admin någonsin.
    Ha trevlig dag.
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  13. Frags'

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    n1 eng, really
  14. Important list for now

    Blasting pre gym

    At the gym

    After gym

    Ty for this opportunity for me to share my music with the rest rogu, appreciate this alot. Would buy a beer
  15. As soon as I meet someone ingame I start this to pump shit up

    Sometimes when I die, I play this for my buddies

  16. This one is dedicated to you, DayZero.
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  17. Oh please, we've had moments like these before where the server's been dead for a month. People will come back at some point!
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