Dayzero made me a man!

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by NWA_papaT, 2014-11-13.

  1. There is a lot of talking about RIP Dayzero and such so i just want to share something that made me the man i'm today!

    I started playing dayz way back when we "NWA" didnt have a server to always play on until we found one server! on that time don't get me wrong (SE 9) hosted by Tansien! in the player list we found nametags as [AXE] and [OG] so we decided to stick around and come back to the server cuz we wanted the fights of our lifes!

    first action with the squads made us to what we are today! it was a sunny day in chernarus and our city to stick around at was Polana! what we didn't know, its the same headquaters as the [OG] clan with names as Kula and Slater etc.

    Then it all happend a great fight for many hours took place in the small streets of polana, weapons like AS-50, M107 and so on stacked up kills on both sides u died and u run back, i did it like 20 times that day!

    I don't know who won that fight but it sure was a start of a new era.
    And i was right! from that day and for many days ahead i was blown away, THIS GAME IS AMAZING This server is amazing!

    A few weeks after when the server was hitting its max, tansien decided to do it private hive and we started to build this amazing community around it, people from OG, AXE and NWA and others helped tansien to fix the site, typing in forums about this amazing server and so on..
    I have played on dayzero for far to many years now and at some point u come to an end like a hockeyplayer put his skates away.
    I have done that and i have won that, i fell the same in dayz i had the AS-50 and the Lapua and 35kills in 1 life, camped in elektro and so on...

    this might be the end for me and for others but this community and the amazing action made my dayZ far to many times you know what u get that's for sure, Dayz wouldn't be the same without Dayzero!

    I will probably still play dayzero mostly fridays when we in NWA often set up some drinking and shit talking while playing!
    even tho i wont play that much i hope this server never dies :)

    Hope i see you around!

    NWA Papa T
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  2. Short story cause I'm at work.
    Most adrenaline situation - I was by myself, fully geared, DMR and SAW.
    Found a Ural parked next to a Technical with one player repairing the technical. Couldnt see inside the ural because of the angle
    I shoot at the player repairing technical

    Literally (and I counted after the recording) 14 players jump out of the ural and return fire (I had already re-located and so they were shooting at nobody).

    I killed about 3 more with a SAW spray and the rest jumped in the ural and drove off whilst one of them pinned me down with a DMR.. I crawled away from behind cover.

    Guess which squad it was with 14 players. Early 2013. Clue: wasn't DO or hoarders :p

    That was back in the day when I played smart. Since then I've just been smashing up vehicles, kamikazi'ing planes and yolo'ing into fights :-D
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  5. winner, "Noobs Army"
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  6. Be careful m8 a nervous Scotsman will av u
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  7. I'd gladly welcome them back to the servers. More lambs to slaughter.
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    First real fight I remember was against you guys, it was a 6v5 I think, you had a blue betty wan driving across old fields, we started to spray you down, and the fight began ;-)
    This was along time ago, when I was still playing for Catsquad lelele, dunno if we where going under those nicks by then tho, but anyways, I will miss most guys from Zero, and just want anyone that still want to have contact with me, add me on steam.
    GL and HF
    I am probably going to stick for csgo from now on, maybe some blizzard games.
    I'll miss NWA and the rest alot ;-)
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    You barely played dayzero the last months frags if i remember correctly , so what you on about ? The population drop didnt effect you on quiting... If you are still up for some oldfashionfunkyfun several teams are still playing...

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