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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Natural, 2014-11-05.

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  1. Personally I need big squads to fight. If there are no big squads the game is just too easy.
    The only big squad still playing that I can think of now is Rory's squad and that's just not enough.
    You simply think we are a 7man squad cause we can't play alone - false. We play together because it is fun.
    Not that we were 7 guys running around all the time really.
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  2. Here, have a cup of tea c[_]
    Maybe you will feel better
  3. Thank you, i love tea.
  4. Nobody cares Clown, stop reporting posts. There's more pressing issues to deal with ;-)

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  5. Sorry, I don't know who you are. Have we spoken before?

    We should probably keep it on topic. You can PM me if you want to speak about anything.
  6. I'd rather call you a cunt here, too much messing around pm'ing you
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  7. M|J

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    I agree with this
  8. I would say you all said the same shit "everything was better in the old days" forget it! the past was not better! I like the DayZero how it is! I only stopped playing because I play to much cherno and have to stop and play some other mods (only because podagorsk was not online). I belive we can have everything back, I see the same problem with 7 man squads as JeeF (maybe not 7 server full but I think 2 or 3 servers are a enough! you can only play on one at the same time).
  9. the past was not better!! lets make a change!! Revive dayzero!
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  10. why no?
  11. The old Connors back boys
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  12. Flame81

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    A glass of whine is also good.
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  13. deserves a better community than this and dayzero needs a propper engine.
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  14. I'd pay good money for a survival type game with pvp based squad fights, good movemant and smooth gameplay.
  15. Predatory Clown

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    Wtf you cant turn my dribbling baby back on me.
  16. 10bag

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    We can't expect the player-base to remain dedicated to a mod when the one-man development team refuses to.

    As good as DayZero is, it's not 100% finished by any means. You've only got to look through the suggestions sub-forum for a massive list of things (some very easy to implement) which would improve the mod a lot and keep the player-base interested and bring new people in.

    I'm not being rude, I respect him, but Tansien no longer respects his 66.5k-strong "community" enough to tell us he can't be bothered to work on the mod any more.
    Nobody's even bothered (or is allowed?) to modify the "leaderboards, statistics and more at!" in-game BattlEye message, let alone re-implement the actual leaderboards and statistics on this website.
    One of the devs said the leaderboards are pretty much done, but you have no front-end HTML/CSS dev to push it live?
    Come on...this is the internet and you can't find a good web designer?!

    As awesome as Tansien is at scripting for the ArmA II engine, it's disrespectful to every player here when he clearly has enough spare time outside of work to play wizards & dragons games ( ) but can't find a spare 30 seconds to write a "Sorry guys, I am done with DayZero" or even a "Sorry I've been slow, but the next patch is coming" message here, on his own community he built.

    Constant development is key for player retention on a mod like this but the whole admin team acts like there is only one person in the whole world capable of coding .sqf to a high enough standard.
    Like one of the admin team said in IRC: there's not even a development server for DayZero so the chance of any actual development being done is unlikely. This is such a sad state of affairs for what used to be the best-developed ArmA II mod.

    All you need is a couple of DayZero events, a little bit of advertising, and the promise (or release) of a new patch, and the player-base will be 65/65 regularly again. It's not rocket science.

    Meanwhile, the forum flaming and player-base drop off continues. People can't even stop being dickheads in this thread. It's sad to be honest.
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  17. Most importantly; the majority of the last 12 months admin discussion and development has probably been fixing bugs that a lot of players exploit and I can understand why a developer would grow tiresome of tending to that bullshit, because the admins sure as hell are.

    1- Forum members does not equal actual players, probably not even 20%.
    2- I have previously said on the forums that there is no active development right now - believe it or not, my yellow name is just as credible as any of the red names.
    3- There are 2 possibly 3 people with access to the files
    4- A lot of suggestions would require re-writing core ARMA 2 code and functions because of how broken the ARMA 2 engine is.
    5- There is no dev server because, as far as I know, that was on the server at Dreamhack which is dead (and because there's no active development perhaps)
    6- The whole admin team does not act as if there is only one person that can code .sqf to a high enough standard, the issues here are;
    -original developers have understandably lost motivation or have moved onto other projects.
    -a new developer, could they be trusted with the files? are they going to know what to do without Tansien explaining each function?
    7- Suggestions again - based on what DayZero is, a hardcore survival/pvp mod, what further major content can be introduced to keep players hooked similar to what has been released previously? i.e. Podagorsk, dynamic heli crashes, convoy crashes, weapon attachment systems.
    8- If Tansien comes here and says "I'm done with DayZero" then the servers really will start emptying, faster than what they have been - perhaps he's still undecided.
    9- The dickhead attitude will always exist in competitive PvP games and if you treat others like dickheads then expect the same.
    10- Events run by admins, yes, good idea, attracts attention, but we actually have very little in the way of managing them ingame.

    Anyways, I've said it before, I'll say it again.
    ARMA 3 will be the successor and player count is destined to fall.
    There's a lot more developer <-> community action from Bohemia Interactive with ARMA 3 and they constantly work with mod developers to help improve/fix the game, probably more so than they ever did with ARMA 2.
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  18. 10bag

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    1) So maybe he's only ignoring ~25,000 people (40% of 66,000 if my maths are correct) while he plays wizards & dragons - does that make it any better?
    2) I don't see what relevance that has.
    3) I don't see what relevance that has either.
    4) DayZero is not even close to the stage where it can only be improved by modifying the engine source code.
    5) Fire up a VPS or host a server from home? Both are easy and cheap. As a sidenote: not bothering to repair a server hosted (for free, I've been told) at Dreamhack is sad. Wasted opportunity.
    6a) Understandably?! .sqf is a pain in the ass but there's a whole community here crying out for a new patch. That in itself should be enough motivation for any mod development team.
    6b) Well-written code doesn't need explaining or commenting. Not recruiting a hypothetical new developer because you might not trust him is a poor excuse Yarwood, come on.
    7) Nobody's even asking for major new content? A few tweaks, some balancing, and some new features is all people are were realistically expecting. Read up on game design, or watch Extra Credits, or read the suggestions sub-forum if you need some inspiration for new features and balancing.
    Eight) Of course. But it'd be more respectable than just letting the mod slowly die. Everyone would obviously rather he said "the next patch is coming" because it'd have the opposite effect, but I'm sure everyone here would respect him if he gave his reasons and stopped development.
    9) Yeah, this is the internet, I'm not stupid enough to think you could fix that problem.
    10) Do it then! I don't know what kind of management tools you'd need but it can't be that hard. If I can make DayZero Battle Royale in a few days with no help then I'm sure your devs can do it better.

    ArmA III is good, I agree. Everyone would be happy to see something from the DayZero team on it.
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  19. Xcell

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    Or atleast release the server files to the public so the community can continue the project (most likely by puting 99 helicopters 100+ cars etc. but there will be server true to vanilla)
  20. I don't have access to the database so I can't query the amount of unique players to have registered, successfully connected to the server and played for at 20 hours, but you're greatly over-estimating the potential playercount. Fact is, this isn't Overpoch and because of the harsh environment and core game-style that is DayZero, it never will have the same playercount.

    2) You're whining that no information has been given. I've provided information.
    3) You're whining about the lack of really small/simple changes that could be done, I'm telling you why it can't be done.
    4) I'll let you think that, but there's a lot of development or potential modifications that are restricted by the engine. There's a few game-breaking bugs that simply can't be fixed because of this.
    5) We'll call it Server B. Server B at dreamhack - Tansien doesn't know what has failed without getting there first, it isn't a datacentre, he doesn't get remote hands/support - he would have to travel there, diagnose the issue, get replacement parts. All this is multiple days effort and hey guess what, the server wasn't populated and the players/config were shifted onto
    Server A's hardware so it's no real loss. The lack of dev-server is because there's a lack of development.
    6a) Very minor changes perhaps, but if a new patch was dropped, what about the next patch? What else can be implemented.
    6b) Poor excuse? You under-estimate the value of trust then perhaps. Just look at the admin recruitment process. Admins dont have access to the files, so to pluck a developer out of thin-air and provide access to the files is bizarre. Other communities have had their files leaked by doing exactly that.
    7) Yes, a few tweaks, balancing, here and there. That won't bring new players now will it?
    :cool: Like I said, perhaps he's undecided, perhaps Tansien will wake up one day and spend the entire day developing DayZero - who knows?

    10) Well we can't, because again, we don't have access to files and contrary to popular opinion, the only thing admins can do whilst actually in-game is spectate. There's no admin-tools i.e. infistar to properly manage such an event. If we had such tools then we would hold such events, there's been discussion between admins that has led nowhere because we do not have the tools to do so. I've suggested to Tansien to implement Infistar so that we, the admins, can do more ingame.
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