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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Natural, 2014-11-05.

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  1. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    Lets all keep a moment of silence for our beloved mod of DayZ which has passed away recently.

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  2. Or is it!?
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  3. RIP
  4. JB2k

    JB2k actually JB4K, whatever. Leaderboard

    about 10 people on at 11pm, its dead.
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  6. From Monday to Tuesday there where 30+ online on this time (now).
    Please dont let the mod die :-(:-(
  7. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard

    Tansien has been dead to the world for months. No real progress with anything. Most things the community ask for/suggest get shot down in flames or swept aside. At the end of the day we are the ones who play it so why can we not decide (within reason) what changes are made? Was good while it lasted.
  8. How would those suggestions/demands be put into the mod if there's no developer to actually make it reality? Nobody shot you down or swept anything aside. It's just not possible without active developers. Harbinger still wants his bridge & I still want my catapult. Nobody denied me anything. It just wont happen.
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  9. hns

    hns higgedi Leaderboard

    where r the devs and guys who made things possible in the past ??
  10. temeeh

    temeeh Survivor Leaderboard

    I can lootcycle 5x ural a full of guns<3 And possibility get 1k zombie kills, meybe 10k :-(
  11. I'm sure he has his reasons to set this aside for now. #dontblametansien :'(''
  12. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Tansien and his team took Rocket’s buggy mod and created a masterpiece. Its sad to see it die. It was the best game for me out there.
    I dont understand how the servers died. Before some days it was full and suddenly all the hardcore dayzero players decided to quit cause Tansien aint working on a new patch?..
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  13. RIP? Not yet.

    In my more than 1 year career of dayzero I've seen the sudden drop of population in servers. But they always stabilize and climb back. There isn't anything "gamebraking" in the mod - that is, in it's current development status the mod is a quite self sufficient gameplay wise, so I sense that this time the drop in population is not about "new content not getting released fast enough". Maybe it's because of the "I don't know when the wipe will be that's why I don't care much" attitude. Therefor I'm using the hoarded weapons actively now (knowing they'll be wiped away) and somewhat ignoring the fact that I need more crates (that I wouldn't have if I knew that there wouldn't be a wipe, but wipe is wipe, so It leaves out some of the gameplay features).
  14. I think the sudden drop could be cause of new stuff coming out but people will be back for DayZero soon again, also it creates a domino effect so all the big squads won't log in because of the population.
  15. Vycka

    Vycka Scavenger Leaderboard

    Noone wants to join cuz the pop is low.
    But somehow SE2 was full a week ago, maybe its because of holiday.
    We should fckin arrange some event, or anything, or squad fight at some region, that people would just join at the same time making at least 20 players in the server
  16. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard

    My comment said most things get shot down/swept aside. Not MY things. Selective reading. Anyway, it has been said many many times that new devs/mods/admins were needed for this community but little was done. You seem to be the only active admin actively doing things. Where's Nuclear Admiral, Teskuz, Ron Swanson, Zac, Tansien? As I said it's been a good ride and the mod has improved drastically but this has been seen before where every admin just vanishes, game almost dies, then Tansien comes out and says something. Repetitive cycle. Just this time seems to be it's last legs.
  17. this
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  18. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    Some people don't understand what they have until they lose it.
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  19. We will just have to wait and see what happens.
  20. temeeh

    temeeh Survivor Leaderboard

    Less cry, more play.
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