looking for squad/people to play with

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by weddy97, 2014-10-18.

  1. weddy97

    weddy97 Häftmassa Leaderboard

    17 y/o from Sweden, decent dayzero player, ive been playing other dayz mods for atleast 600 - 1000 hours
    playing on SE2
    my english is quite good.
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  2. This made me laugh!

    Hope you find the squad you're looking for! Good luck!
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  3. i have pretty good english
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  4. add me on steam: Ollii_88
  5. weddy97

    weddy97 Häftmassa Leaderboard

  6. Albin Hjort

    Albin Hjort Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    i can play with you. my name is dayzplayya123

  7. Dr. Doom

    Dr. Doom Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    After extensive hours playing with Rasmus or as some call him, weddy. I have concluded that weddy's day zero skill is sadly, sub par. In many drastic situations weddy cannot take the pressure and will usually break out crying over the mic, causing very awkward situations for everyone. Do not be fooled, his English is nearly as bad as his skills as a player and in many situations cannot string together comprehensible sentences, which in turn creates very confusing squad play. All in all weddy is possibly one of the worst people you could play day zero with, although, he is currently employed by CFL Inc. as a regional sales manager working with our European distributor and has shown great potential as a "can" sales man.

    This review brought to you by CFL Inc.

    Yours truly, Dr. Doom
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