SE2 full ally day - SE1 low peaks all day - why is that?

Discussion in 'General' started by Juggernaut, 2014-10-11.

  1. Hey guys!

    I was glad when SE1 was set Third Person, as the old SE3, as i get sick of FP-only after max 1 hour of playing.

    Sadly, SE1 peaks at 20-30 players max (mostly) for 1-2 hours day, while SE2 is filled to the top all day long.
    The result: Action mostly takes place at NWAF & around it, the Eastern Part of the Map is nearly dead.

    I ask myself why - back in the days, there were more Third-Person then First-Person servers and they were filled up anytime.
    Even nowadays, people prefer Third-Person servers, if its Epoch, Overpoch, Origins or the DayZ Standalone.
    So how is SE2 so popular when SE1 is so empty all the time?

    Sure, First-Person only may provide the "best" pvp-gameplay, but with the changes that DayZero has (no direct view above walls when right behind them for example), Third-Person shouldnt be that bad - right?

    I´d like to change that - or at least try to get more players on SE1, as there can be intense PvP-fights and nice gameplay the same as on SE2 - at least in my opinion.

    Is it because most of the DayZero-Players nowadays are "core players" which stick with FP for a long time?
    Or just that people dont know that DayZero still is a good running mod? (like mentioned in my other thread)
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  2. Rawryy

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    most prefer 1st person...

    and for example when someone is prone at the road south of kab and they pop up and shoot you when you're running on the other side of the gets pretty annoying...imo doesnt count as a 'kill' popping up and shooting someone when at a road/low wall/hiding behind a tree.
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  3. You got a point there - no doubt.

    I´d agree with you totally - and maybe i would just play 1st Person only if i wouldnt get sick of the vision while running around the map and dont seeing my character all day.

    Does it count as a kill when you camp in a bad-sight & high traffic area and just kill them?
    Same deal for me - but i dont want a 1st-Person vs 3rd-Person discussion to be honest - everybody should play what he likes to play.

    But overall, more people play Third-Person- then First-Person servers, on any mod and the standalone.
    I just wonder why it is the other way on DayZero - being the best mod regarding performance, bugfixes, soundmod and overall.
  4. because dayzero is a hardcore mod ;-)

    I like Third-Person more but I still play same time First-Person only
  5. Dayzero is hardcore
    best playrs
    best mod
    1st person best in fights
    get used to it or lonewolf on se1
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  6. What makes DayZero an special hardcore mod?
    It is the most-developed mod, like the original DayZ Mod and DayZ Standalone should be / should have been.
    It has a nice sound-mod and "balanced weapons" (like no real "OP"-weapon)

    But does that make it a hardcore mod?

    I wonder why there were like 2-3 SE and 2 DE-Servers back in the days all 3rd Person and only 1 or 2 1st-Person servers, when this mod is/was planned as a hardcore mod.
    It would be more like Caribou (no 3rd-Person servers available) then.

    Very helpful answer.
    "I like playing SE2 - its the best! Fuck all others" - god i hate those people.
  7. What makes DayZero a hardcore mod?
    The zombies are the most difficult in terms of their damage, speed and aggro.
    Weapons are no where near as OP & common as other mods, i.e. epoch/overpoch
    You cannot relog for ammo.
    There's few vehicles and repairing one is a difficult task.
    Krutoy Cap spawns.

    First person is the most balanced for fights. You can't sit behind a wall and prepare to shoot an enemy that hasn't seen you.
    First person - if you can see an enemy, they should be able to see you too. Unless you're in a tree noobs
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  8. I tried SE1 for a few days, was fun until a squad was laying down in the kab pond for 20 minutes.
  9. 3rd person is for beginners imo. Or for single player only. There is no skill involved in looking over a wall and tracking someone that way.
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  10. - Zombies dont walk until a player is near them, they only stand still
    - Weapons - i can agree with that
    - Ammo relog bugfix is also a big win, agree
    - There is a TON of vehicles and with the new salvage system repairing them is an really easy task. There are also a ton of bikes around the map which only need a toolbox to repair. Disagree with that point.
    - Krutoy Cap spawns were ingame since DayZ Vanilla, only new spawns i know of are the Berezino-ones

    You can still camp high traffic areas, hide in the water or behind walls and you only need a mate who spots for you - same scenario, but you need 2 people for it, not really a task on squad-based DayZero.

    As far as i know, its not possible to camp on top of the firestation as before, as you can get shot down there easily and dont have the "full view" as back in the days.
    You also cant look above the wall (airfield wall for example) when standing right next to it, as back in the days.

    Even if we say "First Person is for the pro´s, 3rd Person for the beginners" - there are far more "casual people" around then "pro´s" - right?
    So the players on SE2 are "core players" who stick to DayZero all time (or atleast most of them) while the "beginners" dont know that DayZero still is a thing.

    So to get more the "point" of this thread:

    What makes DayZero an "exclusive" (it isnt really, cause there were 3rd person servers all time) first person mod?
  11. Juggernaut, do you have headbob on in your settings? Because that could be causing the "sick" feeling that you get. Turn it all the way down (including aiming deadzone if you havnt already) and you might find it a lot more enjoyable!
  12. there's only 125 vehicles on dayzero, on a normal overwatch server there's like 500+
  13. Didnt work for me in the beginning, i had to play for a week+ on 1FP before the nausea started wearing off. Still i miss 3rd everyday, I have only had 2-3 fights on 1fp that i can compare to the awesome fights we had on 3rd person. #bringbackm14aim3rdpersonammorelog
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  14. @BobSaget I know, Overpoch/Epoch/Overwatch Servers have that many vehicles.
    But i dont have any trouble finding a bike or an easy-to-fix vehicle in DayZero tbh.
    Only Heli / Plane are rare.
    Vanilla pre 1.7.6 was harder for me.

    I have turned both things off, i just dont like the CS-like view all day long.
    I like to see my character im playing with for hours, sometimes days.
    Played on FP-Servers for some days,even weeks but i just hate it to be "forced" to play all day long at this vision.
  15. Well, back in the days car were rare because people actually wanted them but in DayZero people don't use them too much, i would rather travel by foot than in a car except if im running up from the coast of course.
  16. If you dont drive the "obvious" ways, using a car can be partly safe.

    Its a good & fast way from the coast back into the north - same as with a bike! :)
  17. JB2k

    JB2k actually JB4K, whatever. Leaderboard

    Have you considered but maybe people have come back to Dayzero because of its popular first person server? No other mod has that at present.
  18. On se2 is nowhere safe with 60 ppl on. And you can be geared in 15min so why need a car that calls ahead and lets everyone know that you are comming
  19. play whatever is populated mate
    back when all serves were populated i played most 3dp but some 1st person so dont come here and say that bullshit.
    Just stated out some facts
    calm down
    no h8
  20. Unfortunately, recently SE1 is totally empty. In SE2 I hate leaving your camera while running in first-person mode. However, SE1 is characterized by some other game mode, where there is less shooting, and more sneaking, caution and harvesting equipment. As for me, okay, I like it.

    It is true that Third-Person mode allows you to peek behind the walls, etc. However, it is his only flaw.

    It is sad that SE1 is empty. Sometime regularly played on the constant person like Trigger, No1sar, Anarchy, bati, zweibelkaktus, Volchonok, Dragonblader, the clan of the SGA and many others.

    Empty server does not provide the joy of the game ...

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