Kills made from RHIB .50 cal awarded to boat driver?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by LeoKhenir, 2014-10-07.

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    Me and Slogstorm were cruising around in our fancy RHIB last night (about 20:30 CET, SE1) when we suddenly spotted a Huey flying over Skalisty. I (the gunner) immediatly opened fire from the .50 cal and downed the heli pretty quickly. We saw several bodies drop out of the heli, and the only one we could recover was noted as killed by Slogstorm (who drove the boat), not me (who actually manned the machine gun).
  2. Yeah. It's the same thing with any vehicle with mounted weapons as far as I know.
  3. ARMA/DayZ bug since the beginning of all time.
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  4. LeoKhenir

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    Doh, feel as I should've known that.

    Is it the same with the mixup on the two pickups with guns?

    In one the gunner can't ADS and has the driver HUD, and in the other there is no HUD for driver, but gunner can ADS.

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