Confirmed Can't Fix Fell Through texture and nearly died

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by AlexW, 2014-09-21.

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  1. AlexW

    AlexW Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    thought i check out the drilling rig north of skallinsky island today and when i tried to leave i somehow fell through one of the slim staircases down(?) and broke nearly everything and dropped to ~50% logged off and back in hoping this server wouldve a script that checks and fixes wrong player positions but well i fell (up? oO) saw the stairs and fell back down and bled out down to 7% tilll i managed to logout. Could an admin put my character back on solid ground or something?
  2. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    This was sorted out earlier it seems.
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