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  1. time for a new headset need help on what choose, want a decent enough one with a good mic, been looking the the gamecom 780 and a few different corsair ones, help plz dont really have a budget as such, but i believe you can get a good enough one without spending too much
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  2. Depends on how much you want to spend but I recently picked up the Logitech G430's for around £40. They're brilliant.
  3. Turtlebeach Earforce Z300 (what I have)

    Great headset for a decent price! Can definitely recommend it.
  4. Frags'

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    this is mine, pretty good
    steelseries siberia v2 pink edition
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  5. gtfo your mics shit
  6. Frags'

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    no that is just my voice.

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  7. 10bag

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    Buy one from an audio company, e.g Sennheiser, not a gaming company. It'll sound ten times better and last ten times longer.
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  8. Qpad QH-1339 + a good stereo soundcard.

    Much sound..
    Such distance
    Future is now..
  9. Logitech G35 !
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  10. I'm happy with my 780, but then again I'm not a pr0.
  11. Obvious choice go for a pair of sennheiser pc360s as long as you don't have a super noisy home, awesome sound quality ad well as build quality without being as heavy and uncomfortable as a pair of logitech g35? Or whatever they're called.
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  12. Buy stereo headfons! And buy a mice separat! You have much better audio quality and much more audio quality for low money I saw a Video from a youtube and he make exampels for it but it is in german so not useful for you but he sad too why you dont need a 5.1 or 7.1 headsat
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  13. Flame81

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    Sennheiser all day long. I bought these HD515 (stereo headset with no mic) 2d hand many years ago, they were dirty expensive at that time, and they are probably my best buy!
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    I use HD595/HD600 (with headset amplifiers) and Blue Yeti USB Mic. Never found any good headset. They were all toys, fugly and I really wanted an USB microphone.

    One thing you could check out is modmic (http://www.modmic.com/) if you can live without USB microphone.
  15. zmay

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    I would also recommend using stereo headphones with separate mic and cheap sound card with amp instead of buying gaming headset, i have Sennheiser 598 and clip on mic, had logitech G35 before that and i would never go back to gaming headset again. You can also look this model Superlux 668b if you are low on budget, they are really cheap and have excellent reviews http://www.headfonia.com/superlux-hd668b/ , add asus xonar dgx and 3e clip on mic, pm if you want more useful links about superlux.
  16. thanks guys really appreciate all the replys, i made the mistake of going out and getting the logitech g430, i say mistake, it isnt a bad headset but will definitely go for headset with a seperate mic next time.
  17. Logitech G35 - best
  18. Studio headsets like Beyerdynamic are the best alternative for sound quality, only downside is that you don't get a microphone with it.
  19. Beyerdynamic mmx 300 or qpad 1339 wich is a mmx 300 with qpad graphics. It's expensive, but well worth it if you want to be a boss. Yes it has a good mic and allso plenty of spare parts are accessible not that you really need it because it's built like a tank.

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