Can't Fix Smoke grenades go BOOM

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by haiden, 2014-09-09.

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  1. haiden

    haiden Scavenger Leaderboard

    Yes, I tossed 1 smoke grenade inside of a warehouse, and it actually exploded. How I love running forever, only to die to a building falling on me. :-D

    Not that I mind, this is what DayZ is to me. Not the exploding smoke nades, but traveling forever and finding very little. I am a vet when it comes to DayZ mod, and I have heard that this was a myth, the exploding smoke nades. Well, apparently its not.

    Anyone else come across this? I looked around and someone mentioned they didnt work to distract the zombies. Whatever the fix was, well, it may need some more fine-tuning ahahaha.

    BTW, I am new to this version. And I do LOVE it. Please, never change too much. Struggle is 90% of the game to a lot of us.
  2. That's like the oldest DayZ bug ever :p
  3. haiden

    haiden Scavenger Leaderboard

    Yes, I know. But in all the years of playing, its never happened to me. And with someone mentioning how the smokes did not effect zombies, I figured perhaps it could be sorted somehow.
  4. Yeah, smokes not affecting zombies will be fixed soon :)
    But I doubt fixing the smokes destroying warehouses will be fixed any time soon, quite a low priority!
  5. haiden

    haiden Scavenger Leaderboard

    Wait.. they will be fixed for distracting zombies.. but not fixed for exploding? OK, I cant argue its whatever. But that doesnt make much sense. Theyre not very useful if they explode. :p
  6. They don't "explode" as in make the explosion sound do they? That used to be a bug with mixed up ARMA/DayZ/DayZero files.

    Using smokes to destroy warehouses and shelters has been a good gameplay mechanic for a long time, no need to get rid of it :-D
    Once they work to distract zombies again then it'll all be groovy.
  7. They do that in all mods so I am quite sure it's an arma 2 bug. The smoke grenade doesnt actually explode but some buildings will crumble because of them.
  8. i have died to a smoke once in stary on the hill with the concretebox so that hill is from now on in our group called cocain hill, my squad told me that drugs will kill me one day and sure it did, im addicted to smokegranades...

    1,40 into this clip u can see my prefight "sniff"

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