Cant access bodies... still got that problem

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Deleted member 13572, 2014-09-04.

  1. I still got that problem, mostly at night time, on rare occasions on day time.

    for more information.

    This bullshit problem got me a tempban for combat logging which is just absolutly ridiculous.

    Reinstalling my OS + completly download both Arma 2 and OA + DayZero mod didnt fix it, i still have it.

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  2. I have this problem aswell, only thing that solves it is relogging. As you've said earlier if theres multple bodies i have to relog between every study aswell.
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  3. JoeRogan

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    I have had a problem where I couldn't study or interact with ANY body whatsoever after a while playing, it could happen randomly it seemed. I messaged Tansien about it and he said that he didn't hear of anyone with the same problem, luckily I was just about to order a new PC and with my new PC I never had this problem again. (This was 1-2 months ago or so, in this patch ofc)

    Really really really annoying when you are in a situation of where you just killed a lot of players with good loot and you cant study or loot anything, if I didn't have ollie there to fill a coyote with stuff for me in some fights there I would've raged and maybe gotten banned for combatrelogging too.

    Edit: On my old PC it didn't matter for me if I reinstalled either.
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  4. Guys, whenever that happens to me, i simply right click, and then i can study/gear/hide. At first I thought it was fucked too, but right clicking solved it for me.
  5. Their problem isn't the usual ''can't access the body'' problem, most of them have had it for a longer period of time and it's not just fixed by right clicking.:)
  6. Sorry if i will get a bit mad now, but your statement is just absolutly ridiculous. I play in a squad and every time that happens to me, they say that exact same thing, as if i hadnt tried that for 235235235 times.
    Even admins think that people just lie about this and make it up and tell you to zoom in. How can you be so ignorant i dont get it?
  7. temeeh

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    The crapest thing about this mod is the player base. There no option to leave the body. People is so blind study... Every day my friend or some1 dies because "i need get study from the field". even if it is shit place or freshspawn. :-D

    Virtual penis(visible player kill number) is more important than the long-term survival in community...

    So don´t waste 2-5min to re-join: "because study" :rolleyes:
  8. Yea awesome logic there temeeh, just ignore the bug. Please if you dont have anything useful to add to that conversation, just leave it.
  9. Personal preferences, nothing to do with the bug at hand. lol
  10. Svendsen

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    this! really annoying and I've had it for some time now. it happens more frequently with multiple bodies around
  11. Muhyii

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    Shoot in this foot and try again

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