IMPORTANT! 2nd account abuse not allowed!

Discussion in 'General' started by Rogorugu, 2014-09-02.

  1. As of right now you are not allowed to use a second account to jump straight back into a fight or to gain an unfair advantage. We've seen some repeated abuse of this recently and shaming these people obviously does not work so now we're basically forced to apply a rule against it. If you do it now you are risking a temp- or permban depending on severity.

    Just to make things clear; you are allowed to use a second account but you are not allowed to use it to login & rejoin a fight where you just died. Wait at least 40 minutes before you jump into your second account and you will be fine.
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    inb4 wait 39 minutes and get banned
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  3. +1 good job.

    Thanks Raexon.
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    It disgusts me to realise that people really have abused this.

    If you've done it even once, please stick a fork in your eye or something.
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    Thanks admins.
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    Thank you lord
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    took a while
    but gj
  9. I'm gonna start off with a disclaimer: This will not be a popular opinion.

    The disallowing of character hopping is certainly a step in the right direction; however, the allowance of multiple characters per player really goes against the idea of Dayzero and I do not agree with it. The ability to store gear on characters that are logged out being the main reason behind my thought.

    I have had rangefinders, nightvision, lapua, dmr, all the good stuff etc at some point in the past; although, I rarely have these items concurrently. The ability to stock good gear on a character until you deem it ready (IE: waiting to get rangefinders to use your Lapua) is not fair to those that chose not to have multiple characters.

    I have played DayZ and DayZero with my squad for nearly two years now. Not once have any of us considered buying additional keys to get a leg up on our opponents. I feel as though if I am to be playing Dayzero my gear should be at risk of being lost, be it through getting my tent looted or dying and losing all my stuff.

    I understand the argument of "My friends aren't on so I don't want to lose my stuff alone" or "I don't want to get separated from my squad" but I do not think these are valid arguments for the Dayzero mentality. Both of those arguments clearly cater to huge squads (5+ members all the time) and put the smaller squads and individuals at even further disadvantage beyond being outnumbered.

    Furthermore, there are multiple servers. So if you REALLY don't want to lose your stuff alone, go play on another server. This would go a long way to help the populations on SE3 and SE1 as well.

    TLDR: Multiple characters allows individuals to advance and store gear in a manner that is not aligned with DayZero and I think it should be disallowed.
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  10. Yeeeeeeesh
  11. Nicely articulated rebuttal.
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    Love to see a rule agains Chars only to store gear on. A realy hate it and a get why ppl like to have more accounts to play on but fuck that.

  13. As some one who has used multiple account I do support this, because it adds more urgency to the gameplay, people here are competetive and they will use what ever they have to gain an edge over their opponent, from my own point of view, I just liked gearing up more characters, like some people here like to fill up crates.

    Even though that I believe that every one here finds account loging to get back in the fight imoral, some will falter more easily then others when going on full tilt.

    I think in any case that there is no reason to have more then two keys, since two accounts would fall within the "I dont want to get lost from my squad" argument.

    That being said, you have to concider what effects that it might have to player population, if you were to outlaw multiple account usage, squads in general do not wish to log in to an empty server, the server is usually "kickstarted" by people who died recently, plays solo or players using their off-squad accounts.

    We have to think carefully when it comes to removing incentives to the people who start filling up the empty server, because we all know these days when you just sit and refresh the launcher waiting for enough people to make it fun.
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