What happened to my screenshot thread?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Laela, 2014-09-01.

  1. Laela

    Laela Survivor Leaderboard

    Any ideas what happened to my screenshot thread? Was looking for some old pics and couldn't find them?
  2. Yarwood happened. Feel free to start a new screenshot-thread.
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  3. I accidentally included it with the merge of "random pictures/videos/music". I did re-create a thread and move some of the pics back.
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  5. Laela

    Laela Survivor Leaderboard

  6. Rasmus

    Rasmus FUCKING POTATO Leaderboard

    Good job Yarwood! +1
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  7. Thanks :)
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  8. well, it's not alot he contributes with, so I guess this is what he does to make himself feel better.
    Shouldn't mock that in any way, shame on you.
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  9. Leave it out, that hurts.
    I'm the Chief of Teamspeak Surveillance.
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