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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by 9000MHZ, 2014-08-26.

  1. 9000MHZ

    9000MHZ [iW] LEAD MEMBER

    some of you may remember me, or rather 'Iron Warriors' from times gone. While DayZero is no longer our home, we have not forgotten the great times we had, the people we met and the rivalry that was born from those encounters.

    But today I come to you about something else, We (Smurfox Entertainment) are making a movie, and we need help funding our project. We are a group of film-makers from the United Kingdom and we are looking to make our first feature film. We have the experience and talent, what we need is a budget to help pay for the many costs involved.

    I ask you to visit our KICKSTARTER and look at our previous work towards the bottom of our pitch. CIRCA, 2234 and CRANES was made on an even lower budget, so Imagine what we could do with what we are asking.

    Every penny will help, even if you can't donate, please spread the word.

    Thank you.

    (Just to make things clear, this project has nothing to do with [iW] or it's members)
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  2. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    So Irish Bob is not in this?

    THen nope.
  3. 9000MHZ

    9000MHZ [iW] LEAD MEMBER

    Sorry Molli, can't find a camera with a big enough lens without going over our budget...
  4. iwa [iW]

    iwa [iW] Kangaroo

    Can't make a movie without a bob.
  5. TL;DW

    (sorry, I'm just contributing to the stupidity of the interwebz; seriously, I'm sorry; It's just that I'm true to everyone and I agree that I'm a somewhat snonbish pseudointelectual that takes joy of stepping on everything that could be considered "art" and "culture" that's made by other people and especially if the piece is, so to say, in progress or WIP ).

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