Not a Bug Signature check timed out, only on SE2

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Davve, 2014-08-25.

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  1. Player: [Hoarders] Davve
    Server: SE2
    Date and time: 25/08/14, after 21.00 reset.

    Last night, on 25/08/14, I was not able to join the game after the 21.00 reset. Always getting Signature Check timed out. Problem is, it only happens on SE2. SE1 and SE3 are both perfectly fine, can join with ~20 sec loading time with no problems at all. Have re-installed everything, ran as admin and manually reinstalled battleye. I have no idea what is going on. Logged out before 21.00 reset, went and got dinner, came back and haven't been able to log in since. If anyone has a clue, please share.

Thread Status:
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