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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Gooby., 2014-08-17.

  2. [​IMG]

    Okay... BCR?

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  3. bcr? go home @gn1p you're drunk
  4. 2013-10-26_00004.jpg this is from 26.10.13
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  5. this is from 10.11.13 2013-11-10_00003.jpg
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  6. why? it was on the loot server...
  7. it was my camp
    it was stuff from all my tents and I found a car with a lot of stuff and I put it together...
  8. temeeh

    temeeh Survivor Leaderboard


    Sneaky boy, no f*** idea how to go there....
  9. 10bag

    10bag Stalker Leaderboard

    You can climb up the drain pipes on the NE and SW corners of the town hall
  10. M|J

    M|J twitch.tv/marcdevo Leaderboard

    also, what's that supposed to mean? or you just being a dick cuz I put g3's in a crate cuz i dont have ammo for it?

    Just wondering.
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  11. Olumox - Scrolling for the maphack refresh since December 2013
  12. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    was trolling acting like i knew where it was and whats in it
  13. M|J

    M|J twitch.tv/marcdevo Leaderboard

    was what i thought then :p lel
  14. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

    trust me, he is not scrolling, I think I've asked him 100 times about this. "I'VE GOT IT BOUND ON MOUSE3," aha obv, explains everything..
  15. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

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  16. Taavi

    Taavi Survivor Leaderboard

    Livin' in the dream!
  17. To bad the holo is shit :p
  18. Taavi

    Taavi Survivor Leaderboard

    I prefer the holo to m14 holo, its bigger
  19. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard


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