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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Gooby., 2014-08-17.

  1. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    GM abuse ? xD
  2. whats the damage?
  3. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    I think Tansien is working on it. I'm not even sure what all the commits do :)

    4500 for non-SD and 3555 for SD. Prepare to shit your pants when you hear the non-SD firing for the first time.
    Last edited: 2015-12-28
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  4. Flame81

    Flame81 DayZero Stream-king/babydad Leaderboard Staff Member Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    Yes, and also a small shed has been opened up.
  5. temeeh

    temeeh Survivor Leaderboard

    Shit in pants confirmed, i dont spoil sounds yet. some videos inc later :eek::-D love that shit.
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  6. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

    [​IMG] Server first?
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  7. probably

    maybe you can kill someone now
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  8. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

    lets hope so
  9. Muhyii

    Muhyii Survivor Leaderboard

    akm mags
  10. [​IMG]
    k den
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  11. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    This will be patched in next patch.

    This was fixed at last night's patch.
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  12. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    same with toolbox, its too common now
  13. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Yes. Although the medbox was a bug related to latest Arma 2 OA corepatch. I was just talking about the toolboxes a few days ago. I will tune it down a bit today.
  14. Kippari

    Kippari Mr. Chickenhand Leaderboard

    I have to admit i kinda liked how the medicals spawned :-D
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  15. [​IMG]
    i only need an acog scope and im ready to go (die) i guess
  16. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    had rk acog twice yesterday. im not gonna use it again unless i dont have any other choice.
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  17. why?
  18. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    cause with acogs i dont miss and with this gun i missed alot :)
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  19. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Hero

    Yes, it is the same with all the AK weapons. They are quite inaccurate, which makes them pretty useless in a game where you need at least an ACOG if you don't want to be at a big disadvantage. Those guns should really deserve some more love in this aspect, at least the AKM..
    It is nice to have variety and to see new guns in game but not many people will opt for them when there is something that does its job better (STANAG in this case).

    No plans for the CZ nerf? I feel like we are at that point where people will often stick to the CZ over weapons like SVD, M24 which doesn't make much sense to me considering the rarity of those weapons. It honetsly seems like the CZ spawns in every second double storey barn I enter and everybody has one. I know the damage drop off is quite significant but it still needs either lower base damage (around 6500 in my opinion) or lower spawn percantage.
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  20. [​IMG] Looks so nice! :eek: #WillHideItForEternityLikeLille
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