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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Monster, 2014-08-17.

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  1. 21:00 logged in at the coast fresh spawn, logged out south of Altar full gear 20:57. //[Rebel]Monster
  2. You logged in at 8:21.
    You died at 8:26pm by an M249 SAW - but for some reason when you logged in again 5 minutes later, you will still up north with gear.

    Is that correct?
  3. When I logged in my character duped itself somehow and whent AI and killed me, Because I logged in right after and found my own body. With all gear left like saw249,Rangefinder,coyote,m21 and stuff. If it was a player he would take something ^^
  4. datblackman

    datblackman Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Is that possible? We were killed today as we logged in by players we just assumed had our exact same guns and clothing. Coincidence?
  5. It shouldn't happen any more but if you say where/what time/server then I can have a look.
  6. se2 18/8 "logged in at 8:21.
    You died at 8:26pm" NorthEast of devil castle in the woods....

  7. Happened on 8/19 at 2:25 edt.

    Players involved: beav, blacky, gnar, the most interesting man

    Location: northwest of Zub near radio tower.

    We logged in and were killed by people where we logged in with the same clothes and same guns.

    Furthermore, I shot a guy in the back after blacky was killed. I shot him three times, point blank <5m, with my m240. He went down, and immediately started waking back up. So I went up to him and put 2 more bullets in him out of my 240. I died right after this leaving only gnar. After I died gnar watched the guy I shot 5+ times get up and kill him. I do not understand how that man could have not been dead.

    Any investigation would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
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