UH1 shot down, Solnichniy

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Snick, 2014-08-17.

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    We shot down a huey this evening at Solnichniy, using M2 mounted on PBR. One of the crew ejected 20m above the ground (how did you survive the landing?!), two others found dead at crashsite.

    Epic battle at the crashsite, congrats to survivor from Huey:) We made mistake assuming you didn't survive landing, and you killed one of us and almost killed another. Who are you man?
  2. It was my 2 frends and my.
    We get shot in Solnichniy but only because you hit the pilot once and he get unconscious. it is new after you get unconscious you get instantly out... and you can do noting. My and my frend we get after the landing unconscious and the zombies from Solnichniy kill us but only because we only had 50-60% blood... but one frend (the pilot) survived. He has the svd and got only 10-20 % blood so he can't shoot well.
    I get to my body back and get the m24 and shoot the ghilli guy and get the m416 acog.
    It was extrem stupid for us because we fixed the huey in berenzino and fly S and get shoot...
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