Confirmed No donator skin after respawning severeal times.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Don Brozevellí, 2014-08-13.

  1. My donator skin still doesnt work after trying to relog steam nor dying several times, it's been two days since i last tried but still doesnt work, what might be the problem ? I have a new GUID and Player ID but that shouldnt be a problem right ?
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  2. Sometimes it could take up to an hour before the database updates and gives you the donator skin.
  3. Aight thanks!
  4. Log out of steam and log back in.
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  5. Nothing i have tried works though, restarted steam and its been many hours since i tried, still no profit, what should i do ?
  6. still doesnt work :-(
  7. Harbinger

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    1 thing, are you absolutely certain that you have the GUID on your client that is on the donator status? I had a similar problem, thought it was a bug that my donator skin disappeared, but it appeared to be that GUID changed , even though the launcher and in preferences it was the same, but it wasnt the correct one, all this shit happened when Bohemia enforced steam usage
  8. Ye im thinking it's something like that but admin says its not, dont really know :p

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