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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by olumox, 2014-07-18.

  1. Looking to purchase a new high quality monitor and need some help :3 don't really want to pay over £150

    Please give me some guidance whoever knows about good monitors! :)
  2. Taavi

    Taavi Survivor Leaderboard

    Id recommend IPS any day over TN panels, but the IPS panels cost at 120-130 in estonia and we have euros, yo have pounds so id say the cheapest IPS are 130-140? maybe less? AOC, samsung and benq have some cheaper variants, too lazy to search for specific ones, just my opinion here, id take IPS any day over TN, even if it is only 60hz compared to shitty colour and viewing angle 120-144hz TN.

    Edit: there are some more panels types and stuff that makes the colours and viewing angles better than TN, but i dont know the price range on them and even TN panels can have decent viewing angles and colours, but they obviously cost more.
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  3. still looking for very nice people to give me assistance
  4. temeeh

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    IPS all what you need
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  5. Tansien

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    You want a LED backlit IPS or PLS panel with as low response time as possible. (4-5 ms)
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  6. Taavi

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  7. mdms

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    You want 1440p IPS 60Hz or 1080p TN 120-144Hz. Sadly neither is under £150 so you have to settle with 60Hz TN. And in that case, it does not really matter what you buy. I would go for the one that looks the best for you.
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  8. Taavi

    Taavi Survivor Leaderboard

  9. My experience says AOC is very cheap made, doesnt hold to long :X
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  10. AOCrap

    ASUS do good quality gaming monitors, not that expensive either.
  11. Taavi

    Taavi Survivor Leaderboard

  12. 10bag

    10bag Stalker Leaderboard

    Benq LED monitors are really good quality for the price, £150ish
  13. I've got 3 Asus VS247H-P on eyefinity and it's very good. The contrast is just awesome.

    And it's one of the cheapest too!

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