Eye of the beholder [screenshots]

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Rogorugu, 2014-07-15.

  1. Since a lot of people liked the images I posted in the large screenshot-thread I thought I'd make a thread where I (and other admins if they so like) will post screenshots taken from a spectators point of view. I will try to catch fun moments like bodies getting looted or vehicles blown up. I will also make sure that no sensitive stuff gets caught on the images like boxes, tents or hidden vehicles.

    Pictures taken on SE2 2014-07-15:
  2. This is awesome Rogurugu! But as brooksie mentioned in the other screenshot thread it would be awesome with some screenshots of some big fights and the aftermath.

    Just don't post any naughty thomas and papsh stuff...
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  3. papsh

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    Its not my fault that thomas is a pervert lol. But yea try not to post any pervert scenes reemr, community wont like it...
  4. Yes, I would like that too but unfortunately there's not many squads playing during the day and during the night it's usually too dark to take good screenshots around the normal squad fight hotspots (Veresnik, Rogovo, Old fields etc). If you guys dont mind the black & white high-gamma bullshit I could post some of that too though as soon as I get the time.
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  5. all screenshots are cool really! :)
  6. I like every single screenshot I wish I could play on very high settings without FPS problems.
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  7. Really nice idea.. :)
  8. It would be super awesome if you could like record fights aswell, if thats possible - just thought of the video that Osten posted earlier.
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  9. maybe make an appointment with a squad, following them around while they look for action..? both screens and possibly vids could be awesome promotion material, nicely edited etc, and 100% real! :eek:
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  10. Rawryy

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  11. Frags'

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    nvg's on night time?
    does it not work in spec mode?
  12. Even then it would be full on green screenshots intead of black & white. Not sure that would be better than just using high gamma.

    When I play with my buddies I actually play on the lowest possible settings. Otherwise I would get super bad fps in larger cities. It's actually worse as well because the trees become more dense and the shadows really make other players invisible. Looks good but leads to certain death ;-)
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  13. The second image was me and shark jeez I believe and the third is Eken and me, (maybe) : D

    This is great btw!
  14. Those are some awesome pictures m8.
    The graphics are insane, what settings are you using?
  15. 2014-07-15_00030.jpg
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  16. Cheers.
  17. Battle report

    Tell me if I am getting some squadnames or something wrong here and I'll correct it.

    Location: http://dayzdb.com/map/chernarusplus#7.043.086





    Gooby-squad moves towards the Rogovo-pond, unaware of SURT who's taking a bath there at the moment. SURT spots them in the treeline leading up towards the pond and opens fire. He misses all of his shots but pins them down in the treeline.
    Gooby-squad immediately opens fire back towards SURT. He takes a dive as the grenades come flying in. Luckily for him they land just a little bit too far away from the pond to kill him.
    While Gooby-squad keeps SURT nailed in the pond with massive gunfire TealC sneaks into a good position to the north, overlooking Gooby-squads treeline and the open fields leading north & north west.
    And while TealC comes in from the north Serjo comes in from the south east. Gooby squad is basically surrounded. Serjo takes down Gooby who starts to run south east in towards him. He was probably planning on flanking the pond. At the same time Teemeh- & LobbySurfer try to make it across the open field to the north east but TealC puts them in the ground.
    The only remaining survivor of Gooby-squad SOMOLOKALLE manages to kill Serjo and then rushes the pond.
    With fatal consequences. Pond-squad wins. SURT and TealC are the only remaining survivors.
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  19. this is cool man = )
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  20. Good work Basshunter.

    Jag kдnner en mug, hon heter Reemr, Reemr heter hon
    Och hon kan banna, banna dig sе hеrt
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