CZ, Enfield attachable scope.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Vycka, 2014-07-15.

  1. Vycka

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    PLEASE !
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  2. +1
    enfield + ACR marksman scope, not BRC.
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  3. Nahkiss

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    I actually took this as a learning project for myself a while back (as I'm not a 3D Modeler)

    The scoped Enfield has been somewhat complete for ages, but I never got around on getting nice looking iron sights (that work) on the scopeless CZ.

  4. Add it ! :-D
  5. Make a new attachment for it tho. If you need the ACR marksman scope i doubt alot of people will use it on a lee. It's not like the CZ550 is superrare anyways.
  6. like a fucking.. "farmer scope" or something, idk.
  7. 10bag

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  8. Is this even possible to add in?

    would look cool having an attachable oldschool scope on the enfield, like the old mauser etc
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  9. papsh

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  10. /Necromancer lvl 9000
    /cast Necro-Post

    Sorry for necroing but this idea is so awesome it should be done :) . I really like the feel of Enfield (fap fap), we need a scope on it dammit :) .
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