Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gabriel, 2012-10-12.

  1. Gabriel

    Gabriel Scavenger

    tansien hi. Can u add Finnish made RK95 or RK64 to dayzSe server.?
  2. FearMe

    FearMe Hero

    Both are not in arma 2, why would he go through the hassle with the wide variety of weapons already available?
  3. Prolox

    Prolox Split your lungs with blood and thunder. Leaderboard

    Not sure of the skin rules in this game, but try finding a arma 2 skin for a weapon similar to it.
  4. Gabriel

    Gabriel Scavenger

  5. You could always imagine that the AK 103 is one. It looks slightly different of course (a different sight and all), but it's almost the same thing. You can get 'em from the crashed Russian choppers.

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