Computer sort of died, need assistance

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Cheeze, 2014-05-26.

  1. Been too busy to even contact Komplett (where I always buy my hardware).
    :O Gotta dooooo
  2. Okaaaaaaaaaay
    After my motherboard has been sitting still on my self since I posted this thread, today I decided to just take out the CPU again, and put it back in, install my motherboard in my computer properly and give it a ago, you know - last one for the road.

    And to my bloody surprise it decided it wanted to live again, so it gave me alooot of beeps. Felt like I was saying goodbye to my grandmother, and suddenly her heart starts beating again.

    So now, I'm posting this from my main desktop which is (almost) working, except for some voltage issues somewhere I'll find.

    Thanks for all your help again guys!
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  3. My computer died again 5 minutes after the last post was posted, but oh well.

    Finally got around to buy a new PSU last night, and now it works like a charm. Seeing my desktop for longer than 10 minutes was like rediscovering masturbation.

    So I can happily announce that I'm finally back! (To stay this time. If something else breaks down I'm canceling my internet and going amish).
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  4. Frags'

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  5. mdms

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    Cheeze might be the slowest PSU-buyer EU.
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  6. psst, he is slow at everything

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