Do we need Podagorsk back?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Robas, 2014-05-21.


We need Podagorsk back?

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  1. Hell yeah!

  2. No

  1. Robas

    Robas Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Padagorsk was shut down a while ago. But to be honest, i am realy mising it. Yes, it wasnt popular after few months after the start, but today we have se1wich is almost dying and i think it woud be great to replace it with Padagorsk. I think that Chernarus have bored alot of players and it would be something new or something to be discovered again. Also it would make the mod more unique as i there is no dayz mod with Padagorsk.
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  2. Deranger

    Deranger Give me all the ammo Leaderboard

    Agree, this plus advertisement of the mod would do great things I think :)

    Good idea
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  3. Whilst this may bring back popularity, it will initially cause a population drop on the Chernarus servers, forcing those that don't particularly enjoy Podagorsk to either play it Podagorsk, whine about the low pop on Chernarus, or find another mod to play.

    We must ask ourselves why Podagorsk didn't sustain popularity last time? It wasn't just stopped for no reason.

    I agree that a relatively new/uncommon map may bring new players though.
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  4. Robas

    Robas Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Yes, i agree, it may lower the pop on chernarus. But it should bring the new players and the old ones back. If so, there would be +- same pop on both cherno n pada. Also we are talking about only one server, so it shouldnt punch the population so much
  5. BenTheWalrus

    BenTheWalrus Scavenger

    Really like how just because he made a new thread AFTER me you closed mine.
  6. Chernarus is always good, even after all these years.
    New buildings and cities are the key to proceed with this map for a few more years, honestly.
    No other map can be awesome like this one. Specially at NW side...
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  7. 10bag

    10bag Stalker Leaderboard

    Bad spawn points, unrealistic expectations and fast abandonment by the devs.

    Podagorsk is one of the highest quality terrains for Arma 2. If more work had been done on DayZero Podagorsk rather than abandoning it after a month or two, it could definitely have worked. This isn't a dig at the devs, Podagorsk is awesome, but DayZero needed more modification if it was ever going to work on it.

    IMO rather than a straight port of DayZero to Podagorsk, I think a heavily remixed version would suit it better. Something like warfare-wasteland-domination-DayZ-life. The terrain is perfect for some kind of objective based gameplay. This wouldn't be DayZ, I realise that, but Podagorsk failed because of the design of DayZero, not because of the map. It needs some outside the box thinking to make it succeed, rather than just a straight port of DayZero with modified loot tables.

    What with the new roleplay DayZero server, I think it'd be interesting to see the DayZero team experiment a bit more in new directions. IMO it'd be a huge shame to never use Podagorsk again. You already have awesome hardware and technical know-how, with some interesting design decisions you could make something incredible and new. Just remixing, rebuilding and improving Rocket's DayZ is a waste of talent IMO.
  8. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    bring podagorsk back but add some stuff in the north. i really missed the map and the boats!

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  9. better just add some new things to chernarus (new bases or buildings with military spawn) so the fights aren't only at the same spots all the time
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  10. JB2k

    JB2k actually JB4K, whatever. Leaderboard

    Namalsk not Podagorsk.
  11. I think Podagorsk was an very cool map. But I think what "killed it" was the empty area up north. Imagine its the first time you are on this game and get lost up there... Not very funny. Just to give an example. But overall I really liked that map. Cant wait to get back to this mod again after exams! No matter if its Cherno or Podagorsk! I am looking forward to it. This is in my opinion the best Dayz mod. Best performance, smoothest gameplay ++++ pure awesomeness!
  12. {HUD}Ethen_110

    {HUD}Ethen_110 Scavenger

    Just saying me and my friends got lost up in the north and we lost a vehicle up there too. It was camo which made it harder. The empty space up north did kill it.
  13. Yeah. So my suggestion is actually not to add the map until some more stuff is added up north. Or maybe remove the empty space temporary and get the map back in business and expand it later on maybe. If it's even a possibility to get the map back. And I seriously hope so! And first person only! plz!! :) So much more intense gameplay with only first person.
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  14. Miller89

    Miller89 Scavenger Leaderboard

    Loved Podagorsk. Hope its possible to set up a server with DayZero. It would be awesome with only first person server. Its the only one with alot people right now :)
  15. BenTheWalrus

    BenTheWalrus Scavenger

    Bumping this question to whoever it was that closed mine as I'd love to hear an answer.
  16. why would u care lol
  17. BenTheWalrus

    BenTheWalrus Scavenger

    Because I do.
  18. Didn't see a question in that first post.

    Your thread started with "so why did they shut Podagorsk down?"
    This thread is a "do we need podogorsk back?" with a poll.
    This thread looked to have the most chance of constructive feedback, and considering it has had 48 votes so far then I think it was the right thread to keep open.
  19. BenTheWalrus

    BenTheWalrus Scavenger

    My thread had turned into a debate that I liked, so I wanted it to keep open but fuck this I'm done I'll be leaving.
  20. Madbrood

    Madbrood Scavenger Leaderboard

    For what it's worth... I would definitely have voted Yes for this, as would a few of my squadmates (they're just not very active forum users).

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