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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by k1mo, 2012-10-10.


Should Tansien nerf the Zombies from Expert mode?

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  1. k1mo

    k1mo Hero

    I think the zombies should be nerfed as they are a joke, the aggro range on them, the way you can get 1 hit unconcious at over 8k blood, and many more lame things. What do you guys think?
  2. Fake

    Fake #blametansien Leaderboard

    I feel that their critical hit % should be lowered a tad as I seem to have my legs broken far too often now. Due to the nature of one zombie zig-zagging you, you could miss and he could one hit snap your shit up and break your legs at 12k. Zombies in zombie game are OP trololol
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  3. k1mo

    k1mo Hero

    Tansien stated in another thread " We're still running veteran, zombies do however have a low % chance to "critically hit"."
    If anyone doesn't know what that means ill put it this way, The zombies have a chance to pretty much 1hit you unconscious/broken legs no matter what health you are at, so for you this means that it all depends on luck since its an RNG choosing to spare you or not... I think this should be removed completely because it massively affects the pvp aspect of the game, ALTHOUGH I support zombies being in the game as they change peoples play-style completely, i do not think they should be this deadly.
  4. FearMe

    FearMe Hero

    The breaking of legs and unconsciousness is bullshit to me, it just makes barely any sense..
  5. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    I think that the zombies are just fine, they've broken my legs, made me unconscious and even killed me a few times, come one, at first people were like "Hey omg this is a zombie game but the zombies doesn't do any harm lol.." and as soon as they actually get a bit deadly people start complaining.
    The fact that they might one hit you is fair enough, if you're not careful then suit yourself.

    HOWEVER!!!!11oneone!!1 You need to reduce the amount of zombies spawning at helicrashes, sure we can just throw a smoke grenade and/or gun the ones down, but I would like to know how 50 zombies manage to fit in to one helicopter! That does explain why the chopper crashed though lol.. I think that you should have about 10 zombies with higher than average damage at each helicopter and 20 zombies with higher than average damage at the plane crash. Would make everything slightly more realistic and still keep the crash sites somewhat "dangerous".
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  6. Why the fuck are you looking for rational explanations for actions and settings in a zombie game dude? What is realistic about a chopper, crashing, and zombies walking about it? Or that weapons are functional after a helicopter crash? Or that the ground around it is seemingly unscarred? Realism (in regards to zombies) isn't a parameter for any of the actions in DayZ, so why bring it to the table as a valid argument here? Come on :-D

    I personally enjoy the fact that you simply cannot run to the choppers, loot and get out. At least there is an increased risk of either 1) having to fight off the zombies 2) engaging in combat due to having to watch your step, throwing smokes etc. around choppers, meaning potential for further combat.
  7. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    the interactions with other players are the most fun aspect of the game, you want the zombies as a threat but not as THE threat, which is what they are now.

    It's no fun playing 'careful' only to gett aggroed from 100+m away...
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  8. If the zombies are THE threat, it is due to the way you act, not because a game structured mechanic. You need to adapt to the environment, not simply have it made easier.
  9. Eken

    Eken Godlike Leaderboard

    As the zombies are now you can't kill your way through sites, it's around 30-50 zombies each site. When you kill them, they insta respawn 10-20 more zombies. And due to the fact that zombies Mike Tyson you like every 4-5th hit makes it barely impossible to be 1-2 ppl to loot a site. You need a car and 2-3 looter in order to loot a whole site.

    And as I already stated in here and other threads, zomnies are way to strong and Mike Tyson you waaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy. Same for the break leg hits.

    And yeah, it's unrealistic with 50 zombies at a single helicopter crash. With a heli which can take at max what, 16? players. Though, due to we can only have heli's with 6-8 players...

    While talking about unrealistic things(this more to the DayZ developers), why not talk about the fact you can carry 2 huge guns in your backpack, or 4-5 wheels. But only 24 small morphine injectors in your alice pack? Makes no sense...

    But yeah, nerf zombies..
  10. Eken; While I agree with what you are saying about respawn rates is a problem, I do not agree that it is impossible to loot crashsites alone, or requiring a car to do so. However, if you intend to shoot them with loud and noisy weapons, you are at a great disadvantage. But, that is merely because you are employing a strategy which does rarely work in the particular environment.

    I think I've looted about five crashsites on my own since the new 'difficulty' was implemented. Some more successful than others, but none where I've died from my troubles. I simply get down on the ground, use smokes, empty tincans etc. to distract the zombies, and patiently gather whatever gear I can. However, by doing so I run the risk of being attacked by zombies, or worse, being spotted by other players interested in the very same loot. And I think that aspect is great - looting a crashed chopper should be a huge risk!

    I do not agree with the premise that looting a crashsite should be just another walk in the park. Some, if not the best weapons in the game, are obtaining by looting them. Therefore they should not only be rare and relatively difficult to find, they should also be (somewhat) a challenge to overcome. If the number of zombies are decreased significantly from the ~20-30 it is now, I do not see a necessity for zombies at all.

    Also, I think you are gravely misunderstanding my point; I do not understand the rationale behind Teskuz' argument. He installs realism as a parameter which should be accounted for, in a setting where nothing is based on "realism" (whatever this entirely hollow word may denote). He simply employs realism as an argument for a minor aspect, which, in itself, is anything but realistic. I do not understand the notion that "16" rather than "50" zombies at a crashsite is more realistic; none of it is realistic at all, the discussion is entirely based on opinion on difficulty, not which is "more realistic".
  11. The "power" of the zombies doesn't bother me. If you let them hit you, you deserve to go down.

    Having said that, the aggro range right now is pretty ridiculous I've found. Stealth just isn't worth the effort, because no matter what, you will always, always aggro. Yesterday I was slow-crawling (the lowest kind of movement you can do) and I still got aggroed from like 10 metres away.

    I am for zombies being a major threat, but they should be a threat you want to avoid with stealth, not a threat that you just run from because you know it's totally impossible to avoid them. I would like the peripheral vision and hearing of zombies to be hit, so that it becomes more tactical avoiding zombies. You can run/crouchrun if you want, as long as you stay behind them (and off a road). At the moment, it doesn't make a huge difference what you do, so it's not overly tactical.
  12. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    The entire success behind DayZ and ArmA2 is the realism, people seems to enjoy the fact that you need to eat, drink & use drugs to survive. Sure, it's not very realistic that zombies exist, sure it's not very realistic that you can carry 4 engines in a backpack and it's not very realistic that some morphine just happens to fix a broken leg.

    I enjoy the difficulty and I personally don't have a problem with 50 zombies at a crash site, simply because I rarely play solo. The only negative part with the zombies there is that they move the chopper a few meters away from its actual location which makes the loot a bit harder to scout- which might be a good thing in the crash-snipers eyes.

    Let's put it this way instead: When you see a crash site, you need to scout it for snipers (unless it's >10 people online), after that you need to throw at least 2 smoke grenades to get the zombies off the chopper, there's always a few ones left, but simply take them out and hope that they don't respawn to close. Then you crawl all the way there, using third person to see potential loot, you take the AK-107 and then you start running away.
    Now, if you are two guys or more, like I usually am, the advantage is ridiculous, you have one guy running a few laps around the chopper taking aggro on every zombie, then you have another guy who goes in and takes everything or load it in a car. Done.

    Now, if we're not going to talk about realism, let's bring some balance in to the game.
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  13. Nice that we got the realism discussion out of the way. I usually get by with one smoke and a few tincans for those lone zombies that are not attracted by smoke. And those tincans are usually in supply at the crash site. That at least works for me. Silenced weapons are a big plus as well, as I think they should be.

    So, what is the problem you are getting at? That two people do not face the same challenge as one player would? Well, this applies to all scenarios in DayZ. Groups, at particularly well organised groups, are advantageous in most situations, that is how the game has been designed. I see that there is a great imbalance, but I do not agree that it is ridiculous. Also, if you are alone, and want to employ the 'gathering of zombies' strategy, you can. Just run about, get a good group of them following you and run to the nearest trees/forest. Sure, it's not as fast and efficient as being a group with a car, but why would/should it be?

    Let me return to what I wrote in my response to Eken; why should looting a crashed heli be something easily doable by one player (or even by a group)?
  14. Eken

    Eken Godlike Leaderboard

    Tom Haverford: You do have a point, it shouldn't be a walk in a park. All I mean is that it's just ridicilous hard to loot a crash site due to zombies respawn immediatly, being Mike Tyson'd on almost every hit and you aggro waaay to easy. I can't throw a smoke then run in. I first have to aggro zombies then try to distract them, most of the time I have to run around and loot at same time in order to get loot.

    Ofcourse it should be a risk loot sites, but it's a bigger risk for the players hand(s) then the IG character tbh(how many of us haven't been closed to smash our hands on the keyboard just cause zombies aggro you through walls etc when you're laying down?).

    As I stated in the start, you have a fair point. I just think Zombies need nerfed a lil. Cause as I stated before, I get knocked out every 4-5 zombie... And out of 10 zombies maybe 3 break my leg. I don't like that idea.

    IF lower amount of zombies + difficulty, then lower the % to get nice loot.

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