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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by MadMax, 2014-05-05.

  1. Opened a new thread because I plan to maybe make a series :) for a start heres a few clips from the first week hope you enjoy!

    Part #2

    Part #3

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  2. @JB2k will be mad :-D
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  3. Really nice clips, good job mate :)
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  4. thanks, dont rly like the quality of the rendered video, will have to do something about that, had few more clips but shadowplay screwed them up, was pretty mad but oh well, will try to post in this thread on weekly basis thats my plan :)

    anyway stay tuned for more
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  5. Predatory Clown

    Predatory Clown Level 3 Wizard Leaderboard

    The rendered quality is a bit dodgey, and I dont really like 3DP stuff. But the content is quite good, and im surprised how clean your comms are :p Nice video.
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  6. i couldnt be bothered to watch more than the first 1min. it might have been the lamest thing i probably ever saw in a posted video here, sorry. i still dont get why ppl are prefering 3rd over 1st person with crap like this.
    just my oppinion.
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  7. pls just pls don't start another 3rd vs 1st server discussion, it always ends up with a lot of comments being removed and a lot of admin work ))

    OT: good video mate, keep it up i love ur videos bra
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  8. yep that took a lot of practice haha, we would always talk bs, we still do but at least now when were in a fight its strict battle stuff, no more loot talk and yes i need to fix my rendering settings
    if this is another 3rdp vs 1stp hate post then with all due respect GTFO of my thread :) thank you
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  9. I liked the video, well done.
    I also enjoyed some 3DP for a change, I'm starting to miss SE3 and the good "old" days. DayZero in general, lol.
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  10. oh wait whats a forum for again? right exchanging oppinions you dont seem to get that.
    i stated that its just oppinion and if you cant stand other ppls views, with all due respect fuck off.

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  11. i haven't seen you on the forums before, but this topic has been discussed several times and there was never found a solution so it's pointless to start another one of these.
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  12. Seriously, you're so dumb I'm surprised you find the correct buttons on the keyboard.

    Since you clearly missed the obvious point MadMax made, it's not the exchange of opinions in general that is the problem in hand.
    It's the constant fucking shit throwing fest for having personal preferences of playstyles etc.

    When YOU bring the same topic up on a for the 2159440th time, he's actually entitled to tell you to take your stupid ass comments somewhere else. An admin/mod would tell you the same thing, and probably lock MadMax's thread because of it. It's just a waste of time.

    I know I'm contributing to this stupid argument now, and I apologise. But I'm just too sick and tired of your type of people.

    You don't like the video? Fine.
    You don't like 3rd person view? Fine.

    But atleast have the decency to include some respect and constructive critisism. Or just hold back your comment, because there's absolutely no one who's interested in another discussion.

    And lastly - It's MadMax's thread. You posted first comment in regards to this. Don't tell him to fuck off when he's right.

    I'd like no further replies to this topic (not the forum topic, obviously).
  13. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business


    Both players can play like that, So lets just stop right tere and not start a flamethread again.
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  14. ty, just died today on 15 kills killstreak in yet another stary clusterfuck fight, so another vid is coming up soon

    but ye get the old team back up ;-)
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  15. JB2k

    JB2k actually JB4K, whatever. Leaderboard

    Haha I was happy to get a mention more than anything!
  16. gimme gimme gimme
  17. Bumping the thread new video is up in the first post, contains some gameplay footage from this saturday.. we had constant fighting all day long this is my PoV. Enjoy!

    PS: its not 720p enabled yet, also youtube thinks its 720p coz i used it as a rendering resolution but really resolution is 1080p
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  18. "Are you looting now?"
    - Starts looting
    MadMax 2k14 xD

    Good vid mate keep em comin!
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  19. Very nice video and I will give you some feedback:
    1. I think it will be good to use something for background when you are Fastforwarding video. Time when it was funny is gone :-D
    2. First text about 3rd pers.. was there for quite long time however those lines in which you just commented action were gone really quickly.
    3. Maybe you can use different software for capture if this one makes some issues.

    But I enjoyed that video, lucky lapua and very nice kills as always.

    PS: +1 for SW music...
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  20. for the 1. do you mean add a video in or just cut it out? left that in coz i wanted to show the way we moved to that little hill.
    2nd yeh kinda stretched it out, but regarding the ones explaining the action i put those according to how fast/slow i can read - ill increase the length next time
    3rd i changed something if this doesnt fix it i think ill have to go back to dxtory

    cheers :)
    will do sir, will do :)

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