Your top five list of features you'd like to see for

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tobias Solem, 2012-10-10.

  1. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    ... here's mine:

    1. DECREASED MOBILITY & STAMINA, serious health effects of having lost blood (due to injury), such as shorter sprinting distances/stamina, decreased running speed, further risks of going unconscious, being able to run at full speed infinitely is just stupid, add stamina to the game that works sort of like in fighting games, the more strain you put on it the longer it takes to recover.

    2. MORE INFECTIONS and INJURIES - I want to see infections being a more real part of the game, different kinds of infections, such as bugs from drinking uncleaned water (water bottles) that have health effects (passing out, fever, throwing up, etc.), limb infections from bites (remember we are immune against the Z-virus), broken arm (leading to effects such as being unable to use a two handed rifle), also items that help prevent this, such as water purification tablets, splints, antibiotics, disinfection pads (that you can rub over a wound after getting bit), etc.

    3. CLIP MERGING - I want more options for ammo, such as finding individual rounds, and being able to combine two half-full mags into a full mag, also separate rounds and mags, finding a box of bullets but owning no mag should prevent you from using the rifle properly (basically, on some weapons you can only have one round in the chamber.

    4. WEAPON RELIABILITY - I want some of the M16's to have a higher rate of jam whilst using full auto, I want MG barrel replacement (where applicable), I also want a chance/risk of weapon reliability failure if you do not maintain your weapon, and items to maintain the weapons (oil, pieces of cloth, etc.).

    5. SIMPLE BUILDING - I want to be able to manufacture a simple shelter, shelters will protect against the weather and can be used to help against diseases and such, a shelter built next to a lit fireplace will allow you to sleep. For the "fun"-factor, the sleep cycle will be something like 5 minutes but will put you at full stamina, and have a small chance of curing your disease.
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  2. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    1,2,3,4,5 - nope.
    5 - just dumb
    4 - too much work, who cares, standalone will have smth similar.
    3 - too much work, who cares
    2 - too much work, dumb
    1 - it's good as it is.

    My ideas?
    Minimalize the lag on the servers
    Eliminate item duping

    the end.
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  3. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    More things that affect survival in a survival game "is dumb", great reason and argument there.

    "Too much work", not really. Most of these changes have been done before in mods such as ACE, it is not that complicated (by no means is it easy). As for "who cares", I do, and similar suggestions have had a lot of approvals on the suggestions threads on the official DayZ-forum. The only thing "dumb" really are your answers that lack any sense of providing any kind of argument to your statements. I don't really care what standalone will or won't have currently because there is no such thing in existence right now, and speculating about what it might or might not have is futile. As far as I understand it the reason Tansien wants to make his own fork is to have something different that is playable NOW, and these were my suggestions.

    I agree with your ideas though.
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  4. Apart from #3, Satris has the right of it. I would like more clip merging though.

    For me?

    1) Peripheral dots removed.

    2) ACE style weapon physics.

    3) More early-game weapons, if this is possible. I'd also like ammo for the rarer weapons to spawn at places other than heli crashes with their actual weapon, like the FN FAL ammo, SVD camo ammo, SA-61 etc.

    4) Probably not possible, but a server queue join or something.

    5) Online player kill statistics removed.
  5. soju

    soju Hero

  6. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    wot he said
  7. Eken

    Eken Godlike Leaderboard

    1. Remove ze lag and delays.
    2. Fix more bugs.
    3. More gunz
    4. More cars ( such as SUV etc )
    5. Bigger servers or more servers... Cause all 3 servers was full yesterday and it's a pain in the ass to try to connect... More servers but not able to server hop.
    (6). More skins
  8. Jake

    Jake Shipwrecked

    1. Implement radio to actually work via "ACRE" Teamspeak + ARMA 2 intergration mod.
    2. Few more car spawns
    3. Custom skins to be added
    4. Community to be less boring KOS kids.
    5. Upgraded server capacity.
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  9. FearMe

    FearMe Hero

    It's worth waiting for DayZ standalone, I'm pretty sure they're adding a whole load of stuff. No point in creating what is created/going to be created for standalone.
  10. Old Banditskins
    MORE bicycles, atvs and motorcycles
    less high end weapons
    low armored vehicles with lmgs mounted
    bug fixes, esp. food/drink indicator going crazy
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  11. More bicycles would be pretty kickass. I wouldn't want more vehicles, I like them being rare, but finding more bicycles would be pretty wonderful.
  12. Kalle

    Kalle Scavenger Leaderboard

    1. Global Chat [ON] - would be good for community
    2. More bicycles and maybe extra helicopter
    3. M16A4 CCO from ARMA 2 for USA helicopter crashsites - Well it would maybe be overpowered as assault rifle but we'll see
    4. More infection % chance!
  13. 1. camo/ghillie suits for weapons u can find and also silencers and scopes and so on...... :) (i know its impossible)
    2. higher spawnrate and more spawnlocations for SVD and SVD Ammo
  14. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    NO NO NO to global chat.. Never never please. The forums are good for the community, thats where chatting shuld go on, NOT in game. Ruins immersion completely.
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  15. I'd love to see more nudity. Less Clothings, More Penis.
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