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  1. Shazman

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    Post your favourite movies, explain why if you want to.

    My top 3 (not in order though):

    There Will Be Blood - If you like calm, good movies this is indeed a great one. However, if you want action to occur constantly during a movie, this flick is not for you.
    The Silence of the Lambs - The great acting will make you root for a sick, psychotic cannibal.
    American Psycho - You will understand my signature after watching this movie! :p

    Kubrick's movies are really good aswell i.e. 2001, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange, etc.

    Edit: I forgot to mention the best movie of all: The Room.
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  2. Silesky

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    Perhaps we could give recommendations for movies? Do a genre top 3 or something. I don't really have a favourite film but a top 10 list sort of. Anyway to answer your question;

    1) Lord Of The Rings (Trilogy)
    2) Source Code
    3) Anchorman

    For recommendations I would recommend;

    About Time
    The Spectacular Now
    The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
    Crazy Stupid Love
    The Vow
    Life As We Know It

    Good films for the ladies ;-)
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  3. Good Will Hunting
    Terminator Movie Series
    Matrix Series
  4. osten movies
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  5. Don't have favourites as such, just a collection of great films i can think of, some of the top of my head:
    The good, the bad and the ugly
    A fistful of dollars
    For a few dollars more
    Django Unchained
    The Godfather series
    Book of Eli
    Green street
    Rise of the footsoldier
    Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels
    Usual suspects
    Resevoir dogs
    Clash of the titans
    Wolf of wall street
    Harry Brown
    Lone Survivor
  6. Heat
    Band of Brothers (technically a mini-series)
    The Bridge on The River Kwai
  7. american pie
    star wars
    harald and kumar
    get rich or try tryin
    menace 2 society
    8 mile
    in da hood

    i also pretty much like all will smith, bruce willis, nicolas cage, johnny depp and tom hanks movies))
  8. mdms

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    Some older ones from different genres. Can't really say much about the 2010s movies yet, they are still boiling in my mind.

    Goodfellas - My fav gansgter movie.
    Heat - Good crimethriller with action. The gun sounds make me jizz in my pants.
    Aliens - Epic scifihorror stuff.
    The Exorcist - Scary, scary, scary..
    Bad Taste - Comedy splatterhorror :]
    Evil Dead II - Comedyhorror
    Matrix Trilogy - Good action.
    Star Wars - Scifiadventure. Episodes IV-VI, did not like much of the new ones. I guess Episode II might be my favourite of those.
    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Good stupid ass comedy.
    Blood In Blood Out and Boyz n the Hood - Good crime dramas.
    Predator - Some old school brianless action!
    Pulp Fiction - Doesn't need explanation.
    Shawshank Redemption - One of the rare dramas I watched through.

    I don't watch much fantasy, but I would say the LOTR-series is the best one.
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  9. fijey

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  10. Shazman

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    Yeah well, takes one to know one. :-D

    Really good ones!
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  11. papsh

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    Classic war movie ''Where eagles dare''...

  12. Molliturpa69

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    I like Magic Mike. Not because of the movie but it reminds me of mikeyyy.
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