A Server without KILLING ON SIGHT, please read!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Maurice Wiggers, 2012-10-10.


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  1. Maurice Wiggers

    Maurice Wiggers Shipwrecked

    Hello guys i have played on many many servers, i have played on a server with no killing on sight.
    it is really fun instead of killing the player you can rob him or take him hostage! if this man does not comply you can shoot him.

    Look these are the rules on the server i've been playing on:

      • Combat
        - NO killing on sight! This rule is probably the rule that bears the most weight on our server. People come here to seek refuge from all the killing on the official hive servers, though; this does not mean that there won’t be any killing.

        Killing other players is ONLY allowed in following situations:
        - You are being shot at
        - You are being attacked/robbed/kidnapped by a bandit
        - You are a bandit and the person you are trying to rob/kidnap is trying to escape
        - Another player is stealing your items/vehicles
        - Another player has stolen your items/vehicles, you have 2 hours to reclaim them before they are no longer considered yours.
        You CANNOT kill other players when:
        - You robbed them and they complied (no executions, counts as RDM)
        - You see someone looting a corpse of your friend (does not count as stealing, warn them first)
        - They are driving their vehicle and you have not made contact
        Kill on Sight (KoS) is considered killing a player or shooting a vehicle for no apparent reason, and without making contact.
        Random DeathMmatch (RDM) is considered killing a player for breaking the rules after making contact.
        Killing players on sight is punishable by temporary or permanent ban.
        Random Deathmatch is punishable by a character reset, temporary ban or a permanent ban.

    • Exploits
      All hacking, executing scripts, flooding, network attacks and other illegal activities will result in a permanent ban and will be reported with GUID and IP of the offender to BattlEye.
      Avoiding death, damage or zombie aggro - either by disconnecting, shutting down the game or other not legitimate ways - will be punished with a character reset.
      Exploiting server lag, DayZ or ArmA bugs or using any other gameplay exploits will be punished with a temporary or permanent ban.
    • Respect
      Please keep in mind when you are on these forums that some things you might not find offensive, or insulting, others may take very seriously. Our admins will be doing their best to keep the forum clean of the following.
      Racism is not tolerated on this server or forum. You will be warned, temporarily banned, then permanently banned. This goes for in game server names also.
      Flaming threads will be locked and result in a warning to temporary forum ban in extreme cases.
      Disrespecting other players in the shout box, or in open threads is punishable by a temporary forum/server ban to a permanent ban in extreme cases.

      Okay guys, what do you think of these rules, i have played alot with these rules and it is the way to go.

      Please leave your comment :)

  2. Stephen

    Stephen Shipwrecked

    Would be nice gameplay mechanic, but killing on sight is something that should be minimized by making the game encourage co-operation rather than having the admins hound all players at all times and banning them for using one of the game's features. This is simply not a rule any server, no matter how dedicated, can enforce.
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  3. racoonman

    racoonman Scavenger

    I played there some. Its kind of cool, but as a loner be prepared to get robbed blind very often, especially if you have a vehicle. There are big bandit clans pretty much ruling all roads. And since you cant shoot anyone without making contact you will get raped and have your legs broken on a regular basis.

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